Whether you are creating a new product or trying to maximise your wholesale volume, whatever the size of your business, we can help!

We help create formulations, logos and packaging that reflect the highest quality product through our research and development process.

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CoPackingTea offers you complete outsourcing (co-packing) in the field of production, sale of tea, as well as packaging services, repacking and exchange of its packaging.

We also offer designing them from scratch and printing. So it's a complete logistics service for your company - you could say that everything is under one roof. This is the kind of logistics outsourcing that will help your company distribute your goods. We offer you contract packaging services, including design and printing. Let us know your requirements for this service and we will deliver the finished products. When you work with Co-Packing Tea, it all becomes very simple.


If your company:

  • wants to surprise your customers with innovative tea packaging,
  • does not want to invest in expensive packaging machines,
  • do not have the production capacity to meet customer demand,
  • only has seasonal demand for the product,
  • wants fast and professional service,

then come to us and we will fulfil your co-packing order quickly and to a consistently high standard.

Check out our offer

Our offer

We are the world's first tea co-packer. We offer bespoke tea co-packing solutions that cater to individual company needs.

We offer a range of services that include:

  • Tea sourcing and procurement
  • Tea blending, packaging, and labeling
  • Tea marketing and branding
  • Tea distribution based on client preference
  • Tea based product development

We offer our clients a more affordable way of marketing their products through co-packing. We will design a private label line that will complement your brand.

Our offers are available for different types of tea, including black, green, white, and oolong. Co-PackingTea is an on-demand service that provides packaging services for tea companies. We help our clients with the process of handling their production and distribution.


Co-PackingTea is a co-packing company making different packaging for brands to sell under their name. The company brands products for companies wanting to enter the tea market but do not want to go through the time and costs of developing or manufacturing their product.


Co-PackingTea has expanded over the years and now provides services like private labeling, marketing, production, distribution, social media marketing, international trade compliance (including customs clearance), and more.

It offers co-packing services to help get your product ready for retail distribution. They will get your product into stores and get it stocked on shelves for you. It provides co-packing services to ensure you focus on what matters most to you: marketing and selling your product.

Packaging design and print

Packaging design and print is an essential aspect of marketing for any business. The package design should be visually appealing to the customer, highlight the features of products and provide enough information about them. It should also have the business logo on it. Co-PackingTea designs your packaging with these guidelines in mind.

The process of packaging design and print involves three stages: discovery, production, and distribution.


We gather all relevant information about your company in the discovery process, including values, marketing goals, target audience, etc. Next, we will work with you to create a visual identity for your products that accurately communicates your message while also cohesive with your brand vision. Then we move on to production by designing graphics templates for all products and creating a color palette customized to each product line.


Raw material

Co-PackingTea offers different raw materials for its customers. The partners of Co-PackingTea are certified organic farmers, provide these materials. The company sources its raw materials to offer its customers the finest qualities of tea leaves.


We offer premium, organic, and fair trade teas sourced from around the world. Types of wholesale tea include white, green, oolong, black, and more.

We offer different herbs and spices, including chamomile, ginger, peppermint, basil, spearmint, fennel, cinnamon leaves, and many more. We also sell organic herbs like basil and spearmint that customers can use in culinary recipes.


We offer quality products that are reasonably priced.

Transport and storage

Third party logistics providers, such as Co-PackingTea, use their fleet to deliver goods at competitive rates. The Co-PackingTea warehouse management system (WMS) is the most innovative and allows the company to automate all the tasks related to this process, including scanning barcodes, managing inventory, etc. The 3PL also offers a turnkey solution for small to medium companies with a limited budget.


The warehouse management system is software that manages data and goods. It predicts where goods need to be stored next, which items to pick from storage. It helps the company to provide services of transport and storage with efficiency. It allows the company to have a clear stock level always with accurate figures on customer demand.



We have 30 years of experience

CoPackingTea is the market leader in tea packaging. We design and print. We have comprehensive experience in co-packing and large corporate projects, and we also work with brands that are just starting out. We guarantee a comprehensive service including the provision of all necessary product components. We will help you choose solutions tailored to your individual needs, both in terms of functionality and cost. We welcome small companies that are starting to operate under their own brand.


Selling tea with Co-Packing Tea

We will realise any order related to the sale of tea. We guarantee competitive prices while maintaining high quality of service. We ensure the use of modern technologies at every level of production while maintaining strict quality standards (ISO 22000, IFS and HACCP). We have a diverse, modern machinery park, which allows us to meet the most sophisticated needs of our customers and keep up with the latest market trends. We warmly invite those of you who are interested in cooperation with us.


We pay great attention to the packaging of our goods. Our wide range of packaging solutions will meet your requirements.

Co-packing is our strength. Repackaging of goods from bulk to unit packs, kitting, combining individual products into multipacks.

EAN, CODE 128, AZTEC, DATAMATRIX. We have the necessary facilities to print or scan barcodes.

Unusual raw materials, packaging or other issues are not a problem. We are able to help you find the right solution to your needs.

We have an advanced machine park equipped with the most modern cellophone machines. We will choose the type of foil and the colour together. The machine will do the rest for us.

Unusual forms
Untypical die-cut boxes are not a problem. You decide what shape the final product should have. The production line can be adjusted to your needs.

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