Production management

We are aware that at any stage of production disorders can occur that affect production. 30 years of experience gives us a huge advantage over our competitors.

Trust us, because it is worth it.

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On the supplier side:

  • Delays

  • Poor quality

  • Smaller size

  • Inadequate parameters

On the Raw Material Warehouse side:

  • Damages

  • Destruction

  • Losses

  • Incorrect releases

On the Production area:

  • Failures

  • Lack of material

  • Missing manning

  • Missing tool

  • Downtime

  • Poor quality of material

  • Poor production quality

On the finished goods warehouse side:

  • Damages

  • Destructions

  • Losses

  • Incorrect releases

On the recipient side:

  • Change in order quantity

  • Change in product parameters

  • Change in delivery date

  • Sudden orders for yesterday

What happens in production is of course influenced by:

  • Requests for quotations

  • Orders from customers and the size and frequency as well as individual productions

  • Business developments

  • Sales

  • Stock situation

  • State of cash resources

When managing production, we have to deal with these disruptions. The number of possible events occurring in the case of production is enormous. Therefore, production management is not simple.


We cope by trying to stabilise the process, predict and anticipate unfavourable phenomena, applying prevention. To be able to do that, we need knowledge, we need information. Therefore, we collect information on the course of production and the occurring deviations.

We are interested in

  • Production volume

  • Working time

  • Shortages

  • Resource load

  • Downtimes

  • Execution of orders

We then analyse the collected data

  • Productivity

  • Production costs

  • Quality

  • Utilisation of resources

  • Timeliness

  • Execution of standards

  • Losses

In order to be able to optimise production processes


So we choose Process Optimisation Criteria and plan:

  • Actions correcting the process

  • Actions eliminating deviations

In order to utilise resources and rationalise the production process we plan operationally:


  • Machine resources

  • Human resources

  • Technology and product structure

  • Production orders

  • Execution deadlines

  • Production volume


*On this basis we make operational decisions about what is to be made where and from what.

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