ISO 22 000


ECO Certificate

Co-Packing Services

We know how complex and tedious the process of small-batch manufacturing can be, from the assembly of the product, labeling, and finally packaging. If you want to focus more on scaling your business, it's best to leave the production process to the professionals.

Co packing Tea specializes in production, sales, repackaging of tea designs as well as providing raw materials for tea production. We make the designs from scratch before printing and handle all the logistics, freeing up time for business owners to manage the day-to-day affairs of their brand. Best of all, we use materials supplied by you to ensure the product meets your quality standards. That's why we offer different types of co packing services to suit your needs.

We manufacture your existing good's product lines according to your specifications. It does not matter if your business is small or large or whether your product is new or existing in the market. We will help create an appealing, innovative product image through a research and development process.

Getting your product out onto the market in good time will not be a challenge anymore, as we are professional, efficient, and cost-effective. We are that company that forms a central partnership and delivers your product on time, damage-free.

Implementing international food safety management standards allows us to benefit from the best management practices in the industry.

We package your products with the highest quality control, our facility is designed for expansion and access to additional equipment, allowing us to scale our growth rate for you. We continually look for opportunities to work more closely with our customers.

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