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From design to product

We offer not only services for the packaging of food products themselves, we can also provide comprehensive support in building your own brand. Our qualified staff will assist you in the packaging design stage, the choice of product marking and the optimisation of packaging and logistics. Long-term cooperation with the best offset and flexographic printing houses in Poland allows us to prepare unusual, future-proof and practical packaging for your products. Our modern machinery, equipped with reliable printing machines from Heidelberg and KBA, enables us to produce any packaging in terms of cut and print. Finishing options such as dispersion, UV and hybrid varnishes, hot stamping, printing on metallisation, the use of additional colours from the PANTONE palette, embossing and windowing will add a refined touch to your products. We support you throughout the entire process of product creation. Starting with the selection of the form and type of packaging (both packaging produced on solid cardboard - offset print, and flexible packaging in the form of various types of foil products - HD flexo print), through the selection of suitable collective packaging (foil wrappers or cardboard boxes made of corrugated cardboard with your individual offset or flexo print), to the most optimal selection of packaging placement on the pallet unit.


We also fully supervise the entire process of creating packaging graphics, from the initial concept to the final design and preparation of production files at the target printing works. In addition, we participate in and support you throughout the entire approval process, from initial concept approvals to final proof printing. You need not worry about the quality of the packaging products we offer. We cooperate only with valued and professional printing houses with modern and very demanding quality systems, such as BRC / IoP and ISO 9001 and 22000. For each product, we have relevant quality specifications as well as declarations and certificates confirming the suitability of packaging for use in contact with foodstuffs.

Why is the thoughtful design of tea packaging so important?
To create a visually interesting product it is important to plan the marketing space well. When we work on the packaging, we make sure that every element of the packaging is eye-catching. Our strength is in the detail - we don't allow ourselves to be short-changed. With us you will acquire tea boxes that will impress with their excellent workmanship. A prominent logo, high-quality printing of graphic elements, the use of good quality materials and finishing touches such as windowing - your marketing message to your customers will be clear and attractive.

Packaging printing - stages of work

You can count on fruitful cooperation with us. We won't leave you alone with an initial project or a vision of what to put on the box. You have no idea about sales? Are you thinking about changing the current message? Our design team is ready to work on every stage of brand building. So whether you're starting from scratch or perhaps you want to refresh the image of the tea you sell - we'll prepare the best concept for you!


We precede packaging design with a conversation. We want to know as much as possible about your vision: what style should they be finished in? Are you considering window boxing, i.e. additional finishing? Are you considering bold or muted colours? There are plenty of possibilities! We are here to help you choose the right one!


Then we make a proof, which shows us whether we've fulfilled your wishes and whether all the colours have been reproduced correctly. This way we avoid unpleasant surprises and prevent too high printing costs. The proof is submitted for your approval and we also look at the card ourselves.


If every element looks right, we move on to the actual printing and then prepare the final product according to the design - with or without a window, depending on whether you choose this type of finishing or not.




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