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Our advantage is experience and modern machinery

Let us organise fast and reliable delivery of your products. We are your complete warehouse, packing and delivery service.

Our company can confidently handle all third-party logistics (3PL). Due to the size of our weekly order rotation, we have extensive information on the best mode of transport.


Services for our third-party logistics include:

  • Local couriers

  • Full load and bulk transport

  • Forwarding

  • Import/export

  • Online tracking and proof of delivery

  • 3PL transport methods


Our customers usually leave the decisions on the means of transport to Bastek CoPacking. Our knowledge and experience of suitable transport companies as well as deadlines will decide on the best means of transport.

Raben Group is our most preferred carrier of domestic and international cargo. Using their expertise and systems, we can track your shipment and provide proof of delivery online.


Using your own delivery service provider


Some of our customers choose to arrange and deal directly with their own delivery company and we are always happy to work with them to meet your requirements. We can take care of all contacts with their chosen delivery company.



Our warehouse management system (WMS) tracks inward and outward movements through a range of warehouse control reports. Our warehouse is fully zoned so we are able to pinpoint where goods are at all times.

Receipt of goods in our warehouse

  1. Upon arrival of the goods, a visual inspection of the cartons is carried out to ensure that no damage has occurred during or prior to dispatch of the goods.
  2. If any damage is found that may have damaged the goods, a photograph is taken as soon as possible. This evidence is emailed to the customer with instructions as to whether or not the goods are to be accepted.
  3. Carton quantities are checked against delivery documents and labelled internal quantities are checked against delivery instructions.
  4. Each item is assigned its own code and description for stock reporting and tracking purposes.
  5. Goods are then placed on storage racks and location and quantity information is sent for entry into a computer to determine stock location and quantity.

Warehousing and stock management


Once goods are received, they are always treated as FIFO (First in First Out), ensuring that the freshest goods are always held in stock. A lot number is also used where appropriate.

As stock is removed for bespoke deliveries, the computer adjusts the remaining stock levels. Once the goods are placed on the warehouse racks or shelves, another visual check is carried out. If goods are found to be damaged during packing, transport or pre-shipment inspection, the damaged quantity is recorded in the computer and stock levels are adjusted.

Stock reports - weekly or monthly


Inventory reports can be created at any time, at the customer's request. Some customers send them weekly and others monthly. They can be sent at any time at the customer's request.

There are many benefits associated with stock picking and inventory level reporting, including:

  • Immediate and accurate reporting of stock levels

  • Eliminates waste by reducing over-ordering.

  • Restrictions may be placed on certain stock items, such as expensive premium items.

  • "Just in time" ordering of materials

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